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Overland Track

Overland Track - Eight Days


Tent Based Accommodation

The Overland Track is a world famous alpine trek. This trip includes breathtaking alpine scenery, rugged mountain ranges, unique alpine vegetation, ancient rain forest and vast sweeping plains of button grass and cushion plants. We utilise customised tent platforms for erecting tents and there are toilets at each of our campsites. The optional side trips to the top of Mt Ossa, the Labyrinth and the Acropolis are completed without packs.

  • World famous Overland Track. Spectacular alpine peaks including Cradle Mountain, Mt Ossa, The Acropolis. We spend two nights in Pine Valley and visit the Labyrinth and the stunning Acropolis. Unique alpine vegetation and rain forest.
  • Spectacular waterfalls and tranquil lakes.

Day One
Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley -10 km
The Overland Track begins at Ronny Creek car park. From there, we ascend the spectacular and steep track to Crater Lake. The ascent continues until we reach the plateau surrounding the base of Cradle Mountain. We traverse around the base of Cradle Mountain exploring the unique alpine vegetation including King Billy Pines and the ground hugging Cushion Plant communities. From here, the rest of the day's walk is reasonably gentle across an alpine plateau to our campsite at Waterfall Valley. On the way, we encounter a stand of the unique Richea Pandanafolia, the world's largest heath plant, which is only found in alpine Tasmania. The final descent into Waterfall Valley provides views of the track heading south, a preview of the days to come.

Day Two
Waterfall Valley to Windermere Hut - 8 kms
We depart Waterfall Valley Hut at around 9am. Located close to Waterfall Valley are a number of spectacular waterfalls. The waterfalls are surrounded by alpine rain forest including the rare Pencil Pine. These ancient trees are up to one thousand years old and are remnants of the ancient forests that covered Gondwana, over 60 million years ago. After a short exploration of the water falls, we begin crossing undulating alpine plains before climbing to an open alpine moor. The camp is located on the southern side of Lake Windermere providing an opportunity for those who wish to refresh themselves with an invigorating dip in the lake.

Day 3
Rain Forest to Mountain Ranges Windermere Hut to New Pelion Hut -16kms
This day's walk is the longest for the trip so we depart Windermere Hut for New Pelion Hut at around 8:30am. After approximately one hour, we arrive at the Forth River Lookout. The glacial valley of the Forth River is cloaked in giant Eucalypt forest. After a short break we continue onto Pine Forest Moor. During this section of the track we encounter varying vegetation including both short rain forest and tall rainforest comprised of Leatherwood, Sassafras and Myrtle.

Day 4
Pelion Gap and Mt Ossa Pelion Hut to Kia Ora Hut - 9kms
We depart camp at around 9.00am and head towards Pelion Gap. Today, we have the chance to ascend Mt Ossa, the highest mountain in Tasmania at 1613m. The side trip to Mt Ossa is competed without a back pack. On a clear day, Mt Ossa is an amazing platform for viewing the southern section of the Cradle Mountain - Lake St. Clair World Heritage Area. The alpine vegetation includes Cushion Plants, ancient Pines and Scoparia. After descending through Pinestone Valley we climb a small ridge and arrive at Kia Ora Hut.

Day 5
Waterfalls, Huts and Mountain Ranges Kia Ora Hut to Windy Ridge Hut - 10kms
We depart Kia Ora Hut at 9.00am and continue walking south. After one hour of walking, we reach the first of the two side trips for the day. The first is a short walk to D'Alton Falls. Depending on recent rainfall, the Mersey River can be literally thumping through these waterfalls. Depending on the speed of the group, lunch can be enjoyed either at D'Alton Falls or further down the track at Fergusson Falls . After lunch we pass through Du Cane Gap, walking through tall Eucalypt forests before arriving at Windy Ridge hut.

Day 6
Pine Valley Windy Ridge to Pine Valley Hut - 9kms
We depart at 9.00 am continuing south on the Overland Track to the turnoff to Pine Valley. The track meanders through ancient King Billy Pine forest that is lined in a carpet of deep green mosses and lichens. As we get closer to the Pine Valley hut, the trail weaves its way alongside deep, tannin colored creeks. For over 60 million years, these unique forests have survived in isolated pockets in Tasmania. Our campsite is nestled amongst King Billy Pine forests. We spend the next two nights at this campsite.

Day 7
Labyrinth Day walk to The Labyrinth - 6kms
The day walk to The Labyrinth can be completed backpack free. The walk is a steep climb through moss covered forest to an undulating alpine plateau. The Labyrinth is a fairy-land of Pencil Pines, streams and alpine cushion plants. The area is a photographers' dream. Spectacular mountain peaks dominate the horizon. Make sure you save some film for this.

Day 8:
Lake St Clair Pine Valley Hut to Narcissus Hut, boat cruise across Lake St. Clair and return to Hobart - 9kms,
We depart at 8:30am to allow time to reach the ferry pick up point for lunch. This day is a nine km stroll alongside the Traveller Range, down the Narcissus River to Lake St Clair, the deepest lake in Australia at 220m. The ferry takes around 25 minutes before reaching Cynthia Bay. The trip takes us past the rain forest-flanked banks of the lake, providing a prime viewing position of Mt Olympus. On arrival at the National Parks and Wildlife Service Visitors Centre, we have a look around and have a hot cup of tea/coffee before departing for Hobart.

The drive to Hobart takes around three hours arriving at approximately 6:30pm to take you to your accommodation or transport i.e. bus or airport.


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